Hello! Welcome to our photography website! We are a husband and wife duo who loves to document what we see around us. We have two Sony a6000 cameras (we loved this model so much that we bought it twice) and our favorite lenses include a Sigma 60mm F/2.8, a Samyang 12mm f/2.0, and a Sony 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3. Our dream lens would be a Sigma Art 50 mm f/1.8. However, it’s not so much about the gear that you have, but how you use it.

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Kierah + Janae

At the end of May, I went down into town with these two lovely ladies and took some shots. Kierah was the main model, and Janae was my helper. She carried all of my gear and helped pose Kierah. Of course I also had to get a few shots of her. They were both a blast to work with and are completely stunning!

I’ve edited and re-edited this shoot for practice over the last couple of months, so if the pictures aren’t edited consistently, that’s why. I’ve been experimenting and trying to find my own style that I like. I think I am getting closer.


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